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This is my last transmission to Livejournal.

http://thegagrag.blogspot.com is where I'll be placing my content, ever so gently. Ever so.

I'm sitting on Sam n' Dan 1 which I fixed up a lot and added a lot of backgrounds to, so I'm going to be posting that there to start. I'll post the whole thing all at once later this week.

I'll deal with links later this week, too.


No doubt anyone reading this knows already that Funny Aminals 2 is toast! Or done. Or like stapled even.

This was the original cover image I drew and colored


I'm so happy with the way the cover came out. Bryan came up with a really cool direction to go with it. Looks like nothing else in mini-comics imo.

Okay. Bye Livejournal!

Oh, also, I posted a mini comic over at http://americanstronghold.blogspot.com.

Okay Livejournal! It's been fun!


Long story short, I'm going to be posting some stuff on the blog.

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sk8brd p8n'

Lots o' new stuff, but no scanner to scan it with. In the meantime, here's this skateboard I painted.


The front:


It's for this charity auction. I was asked to do it by a friend and co-worker, and craftsperson, Cara Romano. Need some amazing felted ewlery? Google Cara Romano.

Was very excited to do this, procastinated for 2 months and then knocked it out in 2 days. I was never a skater, but I think it's an amazing sport. I was into it for awhile as a kid, but I was a bit too young, and my parents got me the wrong kind of board for Christmas (one of those Nash riding skateboards). I'd be in the backyard trying to ollie, and could never get that thing off the ground.

The real question with this project is, if someone buys it, how will they display it? many exciting possibilities.

just an alert while Im here: Hitting the proverbial stands for SPX 2010, Funny Aminals 2, and a new comic I'm doing (with all new Sam n' Dan) called The Gag Rag.

That's all for now, internet.


scanny scan scan scan

Few thingy thing thing things

I'm shot for blog copy at this hour, so this is going to be bare bones blogging. Here's a great song about coffee, too... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnxoQcf_SM&feature=related

So good morning, and let's get started...this is basically everything I'm working on, but don't worry, I won't blog again for another 8 months.

I'm doing a strip with God as a character...here are some outtakes...


It's called The Old Testament: All New! Here God answers some questions from the audience:


Still working on Pockmarked Apocalypse 2. Rewriting it. But here's a couple panels from that


A little scene from Sam n' Dan 2


Also, I got to do the cover for Funny Aminals 2!! Woo hoo! Not sure how I'm going to color it yet. The line art..


And, lastly...


Store! Shopping! Commerce! Comics!

A post-apocalyptic comic about a guy who starts his days around 8 in the morning with a flask of gin and a walk. 1 of 8 parts

24 pages, on copy paper, color cover, $5

A comic about a cat and a bear, who do bad things. They're the kind of crazy that kills!

24 four-tier cream colored pages between a full color cover, $5

Want it signed? Drawn in? Drawn over again, better?